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Naturally smooth and flavoursome white Rum from Jamaica and Trinidad


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Streamertail Rum captures the naturally smooth and pure spirit of the Caribbean, where the world's best rum has been made for centuries.

Great care has been taken to create the perfect blend, focusing on flavour and simplicity. There are no added sugars, flavours or colouring.

Jamaica is famous for its superior quality, high ester rum with added ‘funk,’ yes, the official description of overripe banana, coconut, spice and all things nice that Jamaican rum is renowned for and which we bring to you.

We have blended all this flavour with an aged and filtered rum from Trinidad to make a mellow yet characterful blend

Gentle enough to sip and morishly tasty.

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Why Streamertail?

The Streamertail hummingbird is the national bird of Jamaica and embodies the essence of that verdant, vibrant and beautiful country.

Some believe the ethereal bird to be the reincarnation of dead souls. Its effervescent plumeage, mystical tail and undulating humming does make you think that it is from another world.

However unlike most spirits, the Streamertail is playful if a little shy. If you make a little effort the bird will befriend you.

Much like the hummingbird, our exotic rum has been tamed and is ready to share some good times

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The Story So Far

Archie Burden left his job as a chef in London with a mission to create the world’s finest white rum. His journey took him to Jamaica where his passion and thirst for knowledge led him to develop Streamertail Rum from start to finish.

For months he immersed himself in the Jamaican rum culture, working in distilleries. While sipping rum by a waterfall in the Jamaican jungle and feeding a Streamertail bird from his hand, he wished his friends and family were there to share the experience. The best way he could bring this moment home was in a bottle!




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